Full Semester
Monthly Option: Must be submitted 2 weeks before start of enrollment

Island Kids After School Program

Pre-K through 2nd grade

2:45 to 6:30

September 11, 2017 through June 22nd, 2018


The Island Kids After School Program provides children with quality structured after school care in a nurturing environment. The program is designed for families who need full afternoon after school care 2 to 5 days a week during the school year.  


Activities include:

Homework Help


Enrichment Activities

 Outdoor Time

Independent Play


Session 1:  September 11, 2017 through January 26, 2018

Session 2:  January 29, 2018 through June 22, 2018

Each session runs for 18 weeks.

  • The Island Kids After School Program runs for the full school year.
  • The Program follows the NYC Department of Education Calendar.
  • For an additional fee, we offer an extended-day option to cover School Half-Days (11:30am – 6:30pm).  See details below.




Discounted Full Year Payment

For students attending five days per week, we offer a $900 discount to families who wish to pay for the full year in advance.  To take advantage of this discount, families must submit payment in the amount of $5500 no later than September 8th, 2017.


Monthly Payments

For students attending five days per week, we offer the option of paying monthly at a rate of $650 per month.  Monthly payment is due on the 25th day of the preceding month (i.e., payment for October is due on September 25).


Payment by the semester (due in full by September 8th (fall) and January 26th (spring)

2 days     $1280

3 days     $1920

4 days     $2560

5 days     $3200

Extended Day option on school half days:  $35 extra per day

School Vacation Camps will take place during week long school holidays

10% sibling discount

Separate enrichment programming is also available once a week (1 hour sessions).  Schedule to follow.


Please email islandkidsri@gmail.com for more information and for questions about payment plans and scholarships.

Payment and registration forms are included below

Full Year Payment
Fall semester payment
Monthly payment